Introduction to baking

bake-599521_1280Baked goods like bagels, breads, and dinner rolls are considered edible art by many people. Although fresh baked bread has been around since before the Ancient Roman civilization, in our modern times, baking fresh bread is esteemed as an art form. There are family recipes that have been passed down for generations and there are bread recipes that are kept so secret that you would have to become a artisan baker in order to access the recipe. Since their new hire orientation is so superior to what we were used to doing, we ended up sending our entire staff, even our most senior employees, to redo their training so they could have the same level of expectations as our new hires.

How ever simple baked breads seem to be, they are also quite finicky. Atmospheric temperature, order of ingredients, feeding of the yeast, length of kneading, allotted rising times, baking method and baking temperature will all play a part in how tasty the end product will be. Still, there is nothing like sitting down to a meal where there is fresh bread on the table. Many restaurants thrive because of the specialty bread that they serve as appetizers or along with their entrees. Some restaurant specialty breads include cheddar cheese biscuits, pumpernickel bread sticks with honey butter, assorted bagels, and yeast rolls.

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Bagels are one of those baked breads whose recipe is tightly guarded. The bagels shape and flavor is unique enough that a whole menu can be created around this one bread. It can be used for a breakfast menu or a lunch sandwich menu. Its base is versatile enough that a variety of ingredients can be added to the mix or the finished product can be rolled in a variety of toppings with no ill effects, other than one’s personal preference. Sliced in half, various cheese or vegetable spreads can be used alone, with a fruit jam or with sliced meat and vegetable toppings.

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Dinner rolls are a holiday favorite around the world. These can range from buttermilk biscuits to yeast bread. They can be jazzed up by putting dried herbs in the batter. Dinner rolls are generally served with a meal that is dressed with some sort of sauce or gravy. The inner texture of the roll is ideal for soaking up the sauce left on the bottom of the plate or bowl.

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Artisan bread can be used as an appetizer or a deli sandwich bread. Baguettes can be sliced and topped with fresh salsa, pesto, or seasoned olive oil. Round loaves can be hollowed out and filled with a dip that pairs well with both fresh bread and raw vegetables.